White Fillings

White Fillings in Cardiff

White Fillings


    The use of white fillings may quickly repair minor chips, marks, and colour problems in the teeth. The white filling material is available in a variety of colours, and it is custom-matched and moulded to your tooth. White fillings can be used in both the front and rear of the mouth. Teeth shaping, fixing gaps between teeth, and filling cavities caused by dental decay can all be solved with this procedure.

    Our white fillings are designed to repair your teeth while also preserving your beautiful smile here at Super Smile Dental. They are a fantastic option since they are both aesthetically pleasing and functionally effective.

    White Fillings Provide a Number of Advantages.

    • When compared to metal or amalgam fillings, these restorations seem more natural.
    • When amalgam fillings age, they darken and become more noticeable.
    • You may have a more natural-looking smile with white fillings.
    • Unlike metallic fillings, which contain mercury, white fillings are non-metal.
    • Amalgam fillings contain mercury, which some individuals feel poses a health danger.

    Why Should You Choose Us To Treat Your White Fillings?

    • Our team of highly trained dentists will provide you with the most appropriate treatment
    • An appearance that is both natural and confident
    • Metal fillings are no longer necessary
    • Value for money

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