Semi Flexible Dentures

Semi Flexible Dentures in Cardiff

Semi Flexible Dentures


    The newest advancements in dental prosthesis will be of particular interest to anyone who has previously had trouble adapting to their dentures. Semi-flexible dentures are lighter and simpler to adjust than traditional dentures. Replace your adhesives and show off your winning smile without any concerns with flexible dentures that are either partial or full-mouth.

    For Added Durability and Comfort

    If you have just a few missing teeth, semi-flexible partial dentures are the best option. If you are missing one or more teeth in the same spot, semi-flexible partial dentures may be used to bridge the gap between your natural teeth and the dentures. With the extra flexibility, the partial can be successfully attached to your natural teeth while yet being sturdy enough to stand on its own.

    Benefits of Semi Flexible Dentures

    With complete functioning and comfort, an aesthetica semi flexible denture may be achieved.

    • It has the ideal degree of adaptability (semi-flexible)
    • There are no metal clasps; instead, tissue-colored clasps that blend in with the gums are used.
    • Unbreakable
    • Flexible acrylics that are more stain resistant than regular acrylics
    • It is devoid of monomers and is created using an injection moulding technology.
    • Suitable for use in conjunction with other materials.
    • Soft pink, dark pink, and vivid pink are the three colours that are available for purchase.

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    Majority of individuals agree that the advantages of semi flexible dentures exceed the cost. Now that semi flexible dentures have become lighter and more comfortable, it is also possible to get dentures that are more durable. To schedule an appointment with Super Smile Dental, call us today for a smile evaluation.

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