Root Canal Treatment

Restore Your Smile and Laugh Out Loud Again

Root Canal Treatment


    A root canal treatment is performed to remove an infection from the inner dental pulp that is causing tooth damage and discomfort. Occasionally, teeth that have been severely decayed, cracked, or infected may only be salvaged with root canal therapy. If you’re looking for a reputable and highly skilled root canal dentist in Cardiff, we deliver exceptional quality root canal treatments.

    Root Canal Infection Symptoms

    Our dentist will examine you if you have dental discomfort or a toothache to see whether you need root canal treatment. In most cases, X-rays will reveal evidence of bacterial infection in the pulp. It will begin to decompose, causing one or more of the following symptoms:

    • Sensitivity to hot or cold food and beverages
    • Discomfort during chewing or biting
    • Tooth decay
    • When face or cheeks begin to swell
    • Tooth discolouration
    • The diseased tooth is exuding pus

    Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

    There are several clinical reasons for root canal therapy, but there are also innumerable practical reasons for preserving the original tooth. It is possible to keep most root canal treated teeth for the rest of your life if you take good care of them.

    • Procedure with Virtually No Pain
      Root canal surgery is essentially painless, and it is frequently associated with less discomfort than having your original tooth removed.
    • Affordable and Effective
      It may take longer to complete tooth extractions because of the additional visits needed for a denture, bridge or implant as well as a potential increase in expense. As a result, root canal costs are more affordable and less time-consuming than tooth extractions.
    • Visually Pleasing Results
      Crowns not only perform like natural teeth, but they also look fantastic. With root canal therapy, you may restore your smile and laugh out loud once again.

    What are the steps involved in a root canal treatment?

    As part of your first consultation, you’ll get a chance to ask questions about what to expect before and after your procedure, as well as what expenses you may expect. After they have agreed to the operation, patients are given a local anaesthetic for a pain-free root canal treatment.

    During the procedure, the dentist softly drills a hole in the enamel of the tooth to get access to the affected dental pulp underneath the enamel. The infection in the root canal is eliminated with the use of dental devices and techniques. More than one dental session may be necessary to guarantee that the irritation is completely removed. In certain situations, a dental restoration, such as a dental crown, may be required to completely cover the tooth being treated.

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    At Super Smile Dental in Cardiff, we realise the critical need for quick pain relief from an infected tooth and hence provide emergency root canal treatment at our dental facility. If you need more information on root canal treatment cost, treatment, and therapy, contact us by phone or mail and our friendly staff will gladly answer any inquiries concerning your oral health.


    • The most typical indicators that you may need root canal treatment are persistent discomfort and sensitivity to heat or cold. Additionally, you may notice little pimple-like protrusions on your gums that may become painful or irritated. Another symptom that you may need treatment for is tooth discolouration.

    • When the soft inner component of a tooth, known as the pulp, is wounded, inflamed, or infected, a root canal is done. The tooth’s nerve serves just one significant function: it is responsible for the feelings of heat and cold. Because it is not required for the tooth to function, it may be safely removed.

    • No, root canals are normally painless since dentists now utilise local anaesthetic to numb the tooth and its surrounding regions before the surgery. As a result, you should experience no discomfort throughout the treatment. However, minor discomfort and soreness are common for a few days after a root canal procedure.

    • A root canal can last between 10-15 years. However, there are techniques to prolong the life of your tooth. You may get it crowned, which will increase its strength and longevity. You may carefully plan and maintain semi-annual dental checkups with your dentist and ensure proper oral hygiene. Are root canals worth it? Definitely Yes!

    • Root canal treatment side effects are very rare, such as a recurrence of gum infection after a root canal if not every bacterium is eliminated from the inner tooth canals; and the need for further treatment. The seal on the tooth is either insufficient or has deteriorated.

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