Private Dentist Cardiff Prices new

Tailored Dental Care at Affordable Price

You can achieve the smile you’ve always wanted at a price that fits your budget. After an initial evaluation, we present a treatment plan and cost estimates. Our pricing is in accordance with the high level of service we deliver.

The pricing table below offers a basic idea of the costs associated with some of our most often requested dental treatments. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any queries concerning our private dentist pricing.


Examination £40.00 New Patient Examination £40.00
Scale & Polish from £50.00 Air Flow from £70.00
X-Ray (Bitewing & PA) from £10.00 OPTX-Ray from £30.00
Composite Filling from £100.00 Amalgam Filling from £75.00
Glass lonomer from £75.00 Extraction from £100.00
Surgical Extraction from £200.00 Fissure Sealant from £20.00
Gum Shield from £150.00 Root Canal Filling: Incisors from £250.00
RCT: Canines & Premolars from £300.00 RCT: Molars from £350.00
Dressing from £25.00 Porcelain Bonded Crown from £500.00
Zirconium Crown from £550.00 Veneers from £500.00
Bridge per unit from £500.00 Maryland Bridge from £500.00
Denture F/F Acrylic from £1000.00 each Valplast Denture from £1000.00 each
Partial Denture from £750.00 Colbalt Chrome from £1000.00 each
Implants from £999.00 Orthodontic Treatment Quick Straight from £2,700.00
Invisalign from £3,700.00 Tooth Whitening from £199.00
Recement from £50.00 Emergency Appointment from £50.00
All Tx Type Emergency from £50.00 Enlighten from £499.00