Mini Dental Implants
25 Apr 2023

Mini Dental Implants

Have you lost a tooth and feel embarrassed while talking or smiling? Are you considering getting a tooth replacement but don’t feel ready for an invasive surgical procedure? Is chewing getting painful and you are worried about getting gum disease or caries?

If you are wishing for the normal functioning of your mouth and smile restoration, you may want to consider mini dental implants.

A relatively newer technology, mini dental implants do away with the shortcomings of traditional implants and are the perfect solution where the usual implants won’t work.

Continue reading to know about the best and most affordable mini implant procedure in Cardiff and how you can get one easily.

What is a Mini Dental Implant?

Tooth loss not just changes the appearance of your smile and the contours of your face making you look older, but it also increases the risk of oral health problems. In fact, according to the Great British Oral Health Report, close to 73 per cent of people have one or more missing teeth.

While dental implants remain the most-preferred solution to replace one or more missing teeth, they are not a good fit for everyone.  

This is where mini implants, also known as MDI (mini dental implants) or NDI (narrow diameter implants) come into play.

They are similar to traditional implants in terms of their functionality but are much smaller. This means that they offer the same advantages with lesser fuss.

Mini implants consist of a solid single-piece screw that is inserted into the bone socket of the lost tooth. They come in two parts- a small rod made of titanium and a small ball at the end for the replacement tooth to be put into place.

How Does a Mini Implant Differ From a Traditional Implant?

Here’s how mini implants differ from traditional implants.

Mini implantStandard implant
Smaller in size around 3 mm in diameterBigger in size, has a diameter between 3.25-5mm
Can be used when there is a bone lossRequire considerable bone mass for implantation
Held by elastic O-rings on the top of the implantUse screws and abutments
Quicker recoveryLonger recovery time between 3-6 months

Who is a Good Candidate for Mini Implants?

Just like any dental procedure, mini dental implants are not for everyone. The implant specialists at Super Smile Dental establish your candidature before suggesting the procedure to you.

  • Good candidates for mini implants include:
  • Patients with decent health
  • Those who have insufficient bone mass.
  • People missing one or more teeth.

Patients who are typically not suitable for mini dental implants are:

  • Children with underdeveloped mouths.
  • Patients suffering from bruxism (teeth grinding).
  • People having conditions like diabetes, haemophilia, bone disease, or periodontitis.
  • Those who take anticoagulants or are undergoing radiation or chemotherapy.
  • Heavy smokers.

Mini Implants Not Suitable for You?

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Why is a Mini Implant the Perfect Solution for Lost Teeth?

Mini implants are often termed as the best solution for replacing a single tooth, multiple teeth, and even stabilising dentures.

Here are some reasons why you should consider getting mini implants:

  • Since they are smaller, mini implants are perfect for replacing smaller teeth.
  • They can be placed using a local anaesthetic and don’t require an extensive surgical procedure.
  • Mini dental implants do away with the need for bone grafts in patients with insufficient jawbone mass.
  • This is a same-day procedure without the need for multiple dental office visits.
  • They are a more permanent solution when compared with dentures and bridges.
  • Mini implants offer natural-looking results and prevent facial collapse while helping you achieve your perfect smile.

How Does a Mini Implant Help you Get that Perfect Smile?

Super Smile Dental has a team of experienced dentists who make the process of getting mini dental implants simpler and more efficient for you. We use the latest technology and state-of-the art tools for this procedure.

Our mini implant procedure includes:

INITIAL CONSULTATIONThe implant dentist will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth through X-rays. Your overall health and candidature for the procedure will be assessed.
TREATMENT PLANNINGYou are briefed about what to expect from the treatment. A CT scan will be done for 3D planning of your mouth.
IMPLANT PLACEMENTYour gums and jaw will be numbed using local anaesthesia. This is followed by drilling a small hole in your jaw and placing a temporary implant post in it.
 The implant post is then tightened and the replacement tooth is attached to it.
 Impressions of the mouth are taken for creating permanent teeth.
 Once you have healed, you will be called back for placing the permanent tooth.
FOLLOW-UPYou may be called to the dental office for a follow-up after a month. Corrections are made at this time, if necessary.

Mini Dental Implants Before and After

The success rate of mini dental implants is almost 90 percent. Maintaining proper oral hygiene and taking care of your implants can make them last for years at a stretch.

This before and after testimony of a mini implant shows how easily it can restore your smile and the functioning of the mouth.

What is the Average Cost of Mini Implants?

Mini implants are an efficient and economical way to restore your lost tooth. The average cost of mini implants in Cardiff ranges between £400-1,500. The mini implants cost depends on:

How many mini implants are being placed?

Which jaw are they being placed in? Normally, mini dental implants in the upper jaw cost more.

Super Smile Dental Helps Perfectly Replace Your Teeth

Super Smile Dental is known for its impeccable professional standard and compassionate care in delivering oral care. Through our mini implant procedure, we have helped thousands of people get back their perfect smile. Get in touch to know more about your affordable mini dental implants