Flexible Dentures
21 Sep 2022

Definitive Guide To Semi Flexible Dentures

Flexible partial dentures are an option if you still have some of your natural teeth but don’t want to invest in implants. This lightweight denture is an alternative to aesthetic dentures that is pleasant to wear. It is composed of injection-moulded nylon that is semi-flexible and has a lightweight design. It is less difficult to tolerate and is an excellent option for those who have a gag reflex.

Super Smile Dental can design the ideal flexible partial solution for either your upper or lower mouth using its state-of-the-art technology.

Overview of Semi Flexible Dentures

  • Dentures that are lightweight and far thinner than traditional dentures
  • Tolerable by more individuals and an excellent choice for those who struggle with their gag response
  • Can be shaped to fit over your already established permanent teeth
  • They can be fitted in areas where other dentures are unable to.
  • Increased likelihood of acceptance and less potential for hostility

An Outline Of The Procedure

There are obvious benefits, both in terms of cost and physical appearance, associated with partial flexible dentures. First, we will make arrangements to see you in the clinic for your no-cost consultation. This will take around thirty minutes, and during that time, we will go through the various treatment choices and expenses available to you. Should you decide to go forward with the procedure, we will also take an impression of your mouth. 

Advantages of Semi Flexible Dentures

Take a look at some of the following advantages of these dentures before you discuss them with your dentist:

They are not prone to breaking easily

If you drop your dentures, there is a greater chance that they can break due to the tougher material they are composed of. Dentures that have broken can be replaced, but it can be a costly and time-consuming process. Flexible partial dentures have more give and can better survive being dropped.

Dentures that are more comfortable than usual

Traditional dentures are made of a tough material that can chafe against the sensitive tissue that makes up your gums. Because this inflammation is so severe, it will likely discourage you from using your dentures regularly. Semi-flexible dentures are constructed of a more pliable and comfortable material that is gentler on the gums. You can go about your day with your dentures in place while still appreciating the finer things in life, such as savouring wonderful meals with the people you care about.

Do not need glue or metal

There are a few issues that might arise while travelling with metal, particularly on a flight. Removing metal from your mouth has additional benefits, since this substance can induce gum irritation and redness. Traditional dentures can cause discomfort if this occurs. Did you know that the denture adhesive also can hurt your mouth’s tissue? Since there is no need to use adhesives with flexible partial dentures, this kind of denture may cause less soreness in the mouth.

No need to hide your natural gums

The gum treatments are allowed to be seen with the use of flexible partial dentures, which typically are made of a light pink material that is pliable. When compared to other forms of dentures, this provides you with a more natural smile. 

Reduced production time

The preparation process for traditional dentures requires a minimum of four office visits and anything from three to six weeks. This does not include the procedure of removing the tooth, which might take more time and need subsequent visits. When you include all of this additional downtime, the whole procedure might take as long as 10 weeks to finish. This can add a lot of extra stress to your life and make things more complicated than they need to be.

Are You Actively Considering Flexible Partial Dentures?

Dentures, like everything else, come in a variety of styles, each of which has a unique set of benefits and drawbacks. Be sure to have this conversation with our dentist at Super Smile Dental to determine whether or not semi flexible dentures are a good option for you. Schedule your consultation today!