All on Four Implants
05 Apr 2023

All on Four Implants

Missing teeth or an ill-fitting denture can have a serious impact on how you look and feel. From changes in facial contours, speech problems and not feeling confident while smiling, missing teeth affect how you approach life. Not to mention, other serious concerns like jawbone loss and the heightened risk of caries and gum disease.

These issues increase multifold when you have multiple missing teeth.

In this case, all on 4 dental implants may be the ideal solution for you without the inconvenience that comes with wearing dentures.

What are All on Four Dental Implants?

All on 4, also known as same-day teeth,is a full-arch rehabilitation that restores your mouth to its original state. They are placed in each jaw to support a set of artificial teeth that are permanently surgically placed in your jawbone and connected through a dental bridge. They replace your natural tooth roots at precise angles.

They are made of materials such as titanium, zirconia, or porcelain and are highly sturdy and biocompatible.

Four implants are embedded in your jawbone through a dental bridge with porcelain crowns mounted atop.

Is an All on 4 for you- Are you a Good Candidate?

Before advising all on four implants to patients who are missing teeth, the implant specialists at Super Smile Dental conduct a thorough assessment of your candidature.

Here’s what you should know:

Good CandidatesUnsuitable Candidates
Healthy gumsTeens under the age of 17
Good oral hygienePoor oral hygiene
Non-smokersHeavy smokers
No bruxismThose who grind their teeth
Sufficient bone densitySignificant bone volume loss
Good overall healthPoor health
 Conditions like diabetes, hypertension, or gum disease
 Dependence on medications like steroids or blood thinners
 Currently receiving radiation or chemotherapy

How is an All on Four the Perfect Alternative for Conventional Implants?

When it comes to replacing missing or loose teeth, all on 4 implants are often referred to as the ‘gold standard’ in helping you achieve the normal functioning of eating and talking.

Here are some reasons why Super Smile Dental recommends all on four:

You Eliminate Serious Health Issues

According to the Journal of Dental Sciences, there is a close relationship between oral health problems and your overall health. By treating missing teeth, you eliminate the risk of mortality by preventing multiple problems such as:

  • Heart disease
  • Pneumonia
  • Type-2 diabetes
  • Pregnancy complications

Get Long-lasting Oral Health

One of the top benefits of all on four is that the risk of periodontal disease is reduced considerably. This prevents several oral health issues such as gum disease, caries, further tooth and bone loss, and bad breath.

Solve Common Denture Problems

People who wear dentures often complain of slippage or problems while talking. This is mainly because the dentures are fixed using temporary adhesives. Since all on four dental implants are attached to the bridge directly, there is no risk of it coming loose or causing embarrassment.

You Look and Feel Better

All on four implants get you a permanent set of new teeth. These teeth not just function like natural teeth, but also look like original teeth. They are a great way to improve your quality of life and help you enjoy eating your favourite foods and socialising with your friends.

They are Less Invasive

The process of getting all on four is considerably simpler and less invasive, especially when compared with getting a larger number of implants, say in all on 6 dental implants. They eliminate the need for bone grafts and help you get your perfect smile faster.

How do we give you that Perfect Smile Through All on 4 Procedure?

Once our specialists establish that you are a good candidate, we make the getting all on 4 implants process extremely simple for you. It involves:


  • Mouth examination through a dental cone beam CT scan or an X-ray to assess your oral health.
  • Check for jawbone density and location of the implant.
  • Dental impressions to prepare your crown.

All on 4 Surgery

  • After administering anaesthesia, your dentist will drill holes at the implant location.
  • These are typically two at the front and two at the rear angled properly.
  • Placement of the implant and fitting of a temporary overdenture.

Final All on 4 Dental Implants Fitting

  • You will be called 4-6 months after your surgery for fitment of the permanent crowns.
  • This is followed by regular follow-ups every month for implant maintenance.

Before and After Pictures of All on 4 Dental Implants

The Journal of Clinical and Experimental Dentistry confirms that all on 4 dental implants have a success rate of almost 95 per cent.

Here are some patient transformations of before and after all on 4 dental implants, which will show how well this procedure works.

How Much Does an All on 4 Cost?

All on four dental implants cost between £12,000-17,000 for both jaws. This cost typically includes:

  • Consultation and oral examination
  • Implants
  • Temporary dentures
  • Permanent prosthesis

However, if you have poor oral health and need additional procedures such as a sinus lift or bone graft, the all on 4 cost will be higher.

Why is Super Smile Dental Preferred for All on 4 in Cardiff?

If you have lost your teeth due to an accident or gum disease, all on four implants are the perfect solution for you. At Super Smile Dental, we have offered dental rehabilitation through implants to thousands of people with high-quality dental care and compassion and helped them gain their smiles back at affordable all on 4 dental implants cost. Get in touch today to know more.