A Checklist for Your Next Dental Visit

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06 Jun 2022

A Checklist for Your Next Dental Visit

In the past, most people visited a dentist only when they had any severe dental or oral issues. But things have changed a lot since. Today, people have begun to realise that their oral health is as important as their overall physical health. They understand how crucial it is to go for regular dental checkups.

Ideally, you should visit your dentist twice a year for regular checkups. These regular visits help us not only maintain good oral health but also detect any oral issues well in advance before they have a chance to worsen.

It really helps if you are well prepared before you visit your local dental practice.  Here’s a checklist for your next dental visit to get the most out of it.

Prepare a List of Questions

It’s good practice to bring a list of questions to the dentist’s office that you want to ask. This way you do not forget to ask any important questions that you could miss otherwise.

Moreover, this practice is even more useful when you suffer from any form of dental anxiety. Your dentist will gladly answer all your questions. This makes you feel more confident and relaxed as you know exactly what to expect from that particular visit.

List Down Your Issues and Concerns

As well as preparing a list of questions that you might want to ask, it also helps to make a list of all your dental or oral issues that you are facing. This considerably helps your dentist to make the most accurate diagnosis as it makes them aware of all the symptoms that you are experiencing. Though not all of your concerns may be taken care of in the first visit itself, it helps your dentist to set up a plan of treatment to address them in the subsequent visits.

Here are some of the dental issues that you must inform your dentist about:

  • Sensitive or painful teeth
  • Bleeding gums
  • Clenching your jaws
  • Sores in your mouth that don’t heal
  • Grinding your teeth

Check If You’re Eligible For NHS Treatment

It’s important to understand if your dentist is seeing you as an NHS or a private patient. Dental practices like Super Smile Dental provide both types of care. It is necessary to understand the cost of the treatment before you commit to it. You can check if the suggested treatment is included in one of the four standard charges bands of NHS treatment.

Also, free or partial help to pay for NHS dental care is available for some people. It is vital to check if you are eligible for help with your dental costs or not. To check your eligibility, take a look at the NHS’ Criteria.  

Your Medical Information

Almost all dental practices ask you to fill out a medical history form when you visit them. So it becomes important to be aware of and list down all the vital details of your medical history and/or any changes in your health that have taken place after your previous visit.

This is crucial because studies have shown that your dental health is connected to your overall health. Certain diseases affect your oral and dental health too. For instance, diabetes can significantly affect the condition of your teeth and gums. Certain medications also have side effects that affect your oral health. Most commonly, some of them lead to dry mouth which in turn can lead to more serious complications such as tooth decay.

Therefore, you must let your dentist know about any changes in your health as it will help them to alter their course of treatment to suit your overall health situation. 

Proof of Your Current Medications

It is imperative for your dentist to be aware of all the medications that you are currently taking. This is important for them as it helps them understand how the prescription or anaesthesia that they might give to you during or after the procedure interacts with your ongoing medications.

You must carry all the proofs of medications so that your dentist can set up a plan of treatment that is safe and appropriate for you.

Brush Your Teeth

This may seem like an obvious thing, but many people visit the dentist without having brushed their teeth. It is a matter of hygiene. You should brush your teeth before an appointment with your dentist.

Whether you are about to visit your dentist for a regular checkup or a particular treatment procedure, implementing these things will let you be totally prepared for your appointment and also get the most out of it.

Also, never forget the fact that it is extremely important to make at least two dental visits a year to maintain optimal oral health. A healthy smile reflects a healthy body!

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