5 Reasons To Have Your Facial Aesthetics Treatment Done By The Dentist

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30 Sep 2022

5 Reasons To Have Your Facial Aesthetics Treatment Done By The Dentist

The physical tell-tale indications of wrinkles, facial lines, and sagging skin can frequently give away your real age, regardless of how youthful you feel on the inside. To counteract these obvious indications of ageing, people often seek out facial beauty treatments that do not include surgery or any other kind of invasive procedure.

Nevertheless, it is essential to choose a healthcare expert in whom you have total faith to carry out the treatment with the greatest attention to detail and the lowest possible risk of consequences. Here are some of the reasons why your dentist is in the best position to perform that function.

1. A Comprehensive Understanding of the Anatomy of the Face

Dentists are obliged to have a complete awareness of facial anatomy, especially with regard to the dynamics of facial expressions, as part of their professional training. As a direct consequence of this, dentists have a deeper understanding of how face proportions work. As a result, they are in a position to provide advice regarding the facial rejuvenation procedures that are most likely to result in a healthy, natural appearance.

2. Skills that are both Highly Specialised and Transferable

Dentists obtain a high degree of the critical abilities required for aesthetic injectable treatments as a result of years of training and practising interventions in the mouth cavity. These specialised skills of clinical dexterity and artistry are easily transferable, and as a result, they naturally apply themselves when working in the field of facial aesthetics.

3. Duty of Care

Dentists and other medical practitioners have an obligation to exercise reasonable care for their patients. This indicates that they have the obligation of ensuring the patients’ continued health, safety, and well-being at all times. This responsibility of care begins the moment a patient enters through the front door and continues far after treatment has been completed.

4. Patient Retention As The Practice Of Standardisation

Because individuals who offer facial aesthetic treatments are able to outcompete their local rivals, an increasing number of dentists are transitioning into the field of facial aesthetics. Patients who have aesthetic injectable treatments return for further treatment many times a year. As a result, dental practitioners who treat these patients are in an excellent position to retain patients and provide care for the patient’s lifetime.

5. Smile Makeovers And The Treatment Of Bruxism

Dentists have specialised knowledge of the mouth and oral cavity in general. Dentition has an effect on the outward look of the lips and having an awareness of the different bite classifications is a big aid when arranging filler procedures to achieve a more harmonious facial profile. Patients who suffer from bruxism and TMJ problems can benefit from the expertise of a dentist. This enables dentists to give effective treatment for often presenting oral diseases in their patients. The levator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle can be treated with a tiny amount of botulinum toxin as part of aesthetic procedures, which adds to the variety of choices available for treating a “gummy smile.”

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We at Super Smile Dental feel that dentists should not simply limit themselves to injectables; skin rejuvenation is a rapidly developing discipline within aesthetic medicine, and dentists have a natural interest in this area. If a company can offer patients a comprehensive selection of treatments, including chemical peels, topical skin care, and micro needling, not only does this improve the commercial visibility and financial viability of the company, but it also provides patients with better, more individualised care.

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