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20 Sep 2022

11 Things You Should Know About Dentures

Dentures are a common treatment option for people who are missing teeth. Dentures are removable dental prosthetics that replace lost teeth and some of the gum tissue. Although they are prosthetic, patients can be certain that their new teeth will look and feel exactly like their natural ones thanks to the personalised fit and aesthetic adjustments. We have you covered whether you are thinking about obtaining dentures, already wearing them, or know someone who does. Here are some things about dentures that you may not have known.

1. Denture wearers should be careful with their diet.

Denture wearers should avoid meals and drinks that include artificial colour additives since they can stain dentures. To the same extent, you should stay away from nuts and crisps. Ingestion of the coarse particles can cause irritation to the gum treatments or even injury if they get lodged between the denture and the gums. Crab shells, ice, and other similarly hard foods should be treated the same way. Natural teeth can chip or crack while eating, so dentures won’t fare much better. Denture wearers should ease into eating with their new appliances by starting with foods like tofu and salmon.

2. Take out your dentures whenever they’re not in use, especially at night.

Long-term denture dental use has been linked to foul breath, gum recession, and loss of bone support for the dentures. Dentures’ inner surface, which rests on the gum and teeth, is a prime breeding ground for bacteria. When the dentures are removed, not only do the gum tissues get a break, but the dentures can also be cleaned thoroughly. The longevity and comfort of dentures can be improved with regular cleaning and maintenance.

3. It’s still important to see the dentist regularly.

Even though full dentures may last for up to 10 years and partials for up to 15, regular dental check-ups and maintenance are still necessary for denture wearers. Dentures, like real teeth, need to be cleaned by a dental expert regularly. Dentists will assess the state of a patient’s teeth and dentures during regular six-month interval check-ups. The denture will be checked up by the dentist to make sure it’s in good shape and performing its intended purpose. Both the dentures and the patient’s dental health will benefit from this.

4. Let the experts handle your denture repairs

Do not attempt to adjust, fix, or reline dentures on your own if you are having problems. They might make matters far worse. Instead, you should schedule an appointment with the dentist as soon as possible.

5. Proper care for dentures requires daily cleaning

Dentures are not natural teeth, but they nevertheless need to be cleaned regularly to keep their shape and the patients’ mouths healthy. In addition, denture wearers should make it a practice to clean their appliances after each meal. Dentures should be cleaned by carefully brushing all surfaces, being mindful not to break any attachments. 

6 Damage to dentures can result from using regular toothpaste and toothbrushes.

A regu.toothbrush is OK for your natural teeth, but the bristles might damage your dentures if you use it. Clean your dentures using a special brush made for that purpose, including soft bristles. Hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid is preferable to normal toothpaste since it is gentler on the dentures.

7. Dentures can be worn by people of any age.

Although dentures are more often seen in the elderly population, anybody can benefit from them. Dentures can be used at any time in life. Dentures are created to be effective tooth replacements for people of any age.

8. Dentures Are Discreet and Pleasant in Every Way

Replacement teeth, or dentures, are made to help patients lead a normal life. Even though the patient may have to get used to certain adjustments, they will eventually be able to talk, eat, and breathe normally while wearing dentures. Dentures nowadays are so lifelike in appearance to the patient’s actual teeth that the difference is hardly noticeable.

9. The patient’s smile can even improve as a result of the dentures!

Dentures might feel strange at first for a patient who’s never worn them before. It’s normal to feel some pain or discomfort in your mouth or even to produce more saliva. After a few weeks, though, your mouth and the corresponding muscles will have adjusted to the change with dental implants, and you won’t experience any of these first discomforts anymore.

10. Partial and full dentures are also available.

Dentures can either be partial or full. Dentures are adaptable enough to replace a single tooth or many teeth. Complete dentures are an option for those who have lost all of their teeth, while partial dentures are better suited to those who have some of their natural teeth remaining in place.

11. Replacing missing teeth with dentures isn’t your only option.

Numerous alternatives to dentures exist for replacing lost teeth, such as implant crowns and bridges. Dentures can improve both a person’s appearance and their ability to eat and speak, but some individuals can choose a more permanent option. It is crucial to consult with a dentist about the best treatment choices in light of one’s unique lifestyle.

Are You Looking To Get Dentures?

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